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Bombay Jayashri

Bombay Jayashri
Category : Vocal
Contact Address : Block 2, 1A, Tharangini Apartments, 3rd Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar,Chennai-600041,Tamil Nadu,India.
Contact Phone : +91 (44) 42158609
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About the Artist :

Jayashri Ramnath, known as 'Bombay Jayashri' in the carnatic world is one of the most prominent musicians in carnatic music. Jayashri was born in Kokata in a family that has a rich lineage of music. She is also trained in Hindustani music under the tutelage of Sri Ajay Pohankar. She is a disciple of the famous violin maestro, Lalgudi Jayaraman and Srimati T R Balamani. She has performed many concerts in different cities around the world. Jayashri is also a good composer of music - her composition based on the epic 'silapadhikaram' is a prime example. As a popular play-back singer, Jayashri has a lot of well-known songs to her credit. 

Awards / Accolades : She has won many awards and accolades including - 'Nada Ratna' , 'Isai Peroli', 'M S Subbulakshmi Puraskar'. She also has the distinction of performing in the Classical opera house in Durban and Russian Opera House in Helsinki.

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