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Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma


Friday, 16 April, 1813 to Sunday, 27 December, 1846


Swathi Thirunal was a maharaja from the Kingdom of Travancore. He was an extremely talented composer and is credited to have composed more than 400 compositions. He had taken many initiatives to modernise the Kingdom of Travancore. He became a king at the young age of 16 and ruled his kingdom well till his death in 1846.

Brief history: 

Swathi Thirunal was an ardent scholar who had mastery over 10 languages. He impressed most of his royal guests with his profound knowledge. He started learning music from Karamana Subramonia Bhagavathar and Karamana Padmanabha Bhagavathar. He later learnt music from Thanjavur Subba Rao. He was a well-known patron of classical music during his times and promoted many musicians including - Thajavur Quartet brothers, Kannayya Bhagavathar, Ananthapadmanaba Goswami and Shadkala Govinda Marar.

Musical Journey: 

Swathi Thirunal composed several songs in carnatic and hindustani style of music. Some of the popular compositions include Padmanabha Pahi, Deva Deva, Bharathi Mamava, Sarasijanabha Murare. Swathi Thirunal had written many literary works as well including Bhaktha Manjari, Padmanabha Satakam, Ajamila, Utsava varnana prabandha.

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