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Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards 2014

Noted Carnatic music exponent Shri S.R. Janakiraman has been elected as Sangeet Natak Akademi (SNA) Fellow for the year 2014, a very prestigious honour. There are only 40 fellows of the SNA at present across Indian performing arts.

36 artists from Indian performing arts have been chosen for the Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards, the Akademi Puraskar, for the year 2014. The following 9 eminent artists have been chosen from the field of music:

Carnatic vocal music:

Shri Neyveli Santhanagopalan, well known Carnatic vocalist and teacher

Carnatic instrumental music:

Shri Dwaram Durgaprasad Rao for violin

Smt. Sukanya Ramgopal, one of the foremost women Indian classical percussionists today, for ghatam

Shri T.A. Kaliamurthy, a noted thavil exponent

Hindustani vocal music:

Smt. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, a noted Hindustani Khayal vocalist from the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana

Ustad Iqbal Ahmad Khan, a Hindustani Khayal vocalist from the Delhi Gharana

Shri Nathrao Neralkar, a Hindustani Khayal exponent from Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Hindustani instrumental music:

Shri Nayan Ghosh, a tabla and sitar exponent, for tabla

Shri Ronu Majumdar, a flute exponent 

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