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A  janya raga of the 20th melakartha raga Natabhairavi. Though it is a sampoorna raga, it has two different dhaivathams in its scale making it a Bhashanga raga (ragas that feature notes that are not present in the parent raga) and hence is not classified as a melakarta raga. This is one of the ancient ragas and is said to have been prevalent about 1500 years ago. Though a Raga called Bhairavi also exists in Hindusthani music, it is no the same as the Bhairavi of Carnatic music. Hindusthani's Bhairavi, in terms of its arohanam and avarohanam alone, corresponds to Carnatic music's Hanumathodi.

Aarohana & Avarohana: 


S G1 R2 G1 M1 P D2 N2 S-S N2 D1 P M1 G1 R2 S


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