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Abhinay Fine Arts


Abhinay Fine Arts has been established with the purpose of fostering the appreciation of India 's unparalleled classical art forms in the greater Seattle area through a multi-pronged approach of education, entertainment and community involvement.

Besides, being a host organization for performances by acclaimed artists from India , one of our main goals is also to provide a platform to local performing artists on a regular basis. To this end, we were instrumental in organizing the first ever dance festival featuring almost all major dance schools form the Puget sound area on May 31, 2008. It is our hope that we will be able to host this event on a recurring basis. An annual Classical Music Festival will also be held starting from 2009.

The organization is committed to educating both connoisseurs and the community at large about India 's art forms through interactive sessions, workshops and lecture demonstrations by visiting artists. In the past year, at our behest, acclaimed Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan gave a special presentation on Tamil Saivite Music traditions at the Vedic Temple in Redmond, which was extremely well received. On October 16 of 2008, we featured a lecture demonstration on Abhangs and Semi-classical traditions in Carnatic Music at the ISKCON Vedic Cultural Center by prominent visiting artists Ranjini and Gayatri.

Our steering committee is dedicated to achieving organizational goals and fulfilling it's mission. We are fortunate to be led by a team of of dynamic, passionate, talented individuals whose untiring efforts have made our events highly successfully thus far.


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