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Brief description: 

Adi taala is one of the most popular and common taala in carnatic music. There are many compositions that have been set to this taala. The technical name of this taala is chathurasra jathi triputa taala.  The tala comprises of 8 aksharas or counts. The structure of the Taala is detailed below.

Structure of the Taala: 

As the technical name of the taala indicates, it follows the Chathurasra Jathi or in other words has 4 counts in its Laghu. The structure is as follows:

Popular Compositions: 

/ragas/NaataiThere are many popular compositions that have been originally set to the Adi Taala. Some of them include:


Composition Composer Raaga
Jagadananda Karaka Tyagaraja Naatai
Karimukavarada GNB Naatai
Baghyada Lakshmi Baramma Purandara Dasa Madhyamavati


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