Elevate Your Sonic Journey with Innovation and Seamless Creative Flow.

Unveiling the Sound of Tomorrow: Introducing Circuit Tracks

Unleash the Power of Sound

Introducing Circuit Tracks: Where Musical Boundaries Disappear

Dive into a Hands-On Music Production Experience with Circuit Tracks – Your Ultimate Groovebox Companion. This All-Inclusive Device Features Two Polyphonic Synth Tracks, Paired with Two MIDI Tracks and Four Dynamic Sample-Based Drum Tracks. Stay Firmly in Your Musical Flow with the Renowned Step Sequencer, or Venture into Uncharted Territory with Microtiming Precision, Pattern Probability Adjustments, and the Innovative Pattern Mutate Feature.

Submerge into a Sonic Experience

Embark on a Journey of Swift Intuition and Seamless Creativity. Circuit Tracks Empowers You to Create Freely, Bypassing Complex Menus and Tedious Scrolling. Unleash Your Creative Potential with an Accelerated Workflow. Sculpt Complex Synth Compositions and Seamlessly Integrate Your Own Samples. Effortlessly Construct Intricate Sequences, Infuse Each Element with Captivating Effects, and Nurture Uninterrupted Inspiration. Bring Your Musical Visions to Life with Circuit Tracks.

Tailored for Live Performance

Designed with live performers in focus, Circuit Tracks presents a swift, intuitive, and direct workflow that nurtures seamless, instinctual creation. Bid farewell to intricate menus and never-ending scrolling – our design expedites your creative journey. Seamlessly construct intricate synth harmonies, effortlessly blend your custom samples, and intuitively arrange sequences. Elevate your music with immersive effects and sustain constant inspiration as you transform your envisioned sounds into reality.

Embark on a Melodic Odyssey

Circuit Tracks becomes your steadfast companion, guiding you through journeys in the studio, commanding the stage, or embracing off-grid escapades. Its rugged yet sleek design, complemented by a rechargeable battery, turns Circuit Tracks into your ultimate travel companion, ensuring it's always by your side when inspiration beckons.

Unlocking the Potential of a Studio Powerhouse

Flourishing both in solo operation and harmonious collaboration with a realm of music machines, Circuit Tracks encapsulates the essence of versatility. Featuring full-size MIDI in, out, and thru ports, along with analog sync out, it seamlessly integrates with your current gear setup. With two MIDI sequencer tracks, the power to direct and orchestrate external equipment – from dynamic drum machines to expressive effects units – is effortlessly at your command.

Elevated through Dynamic Integration

Whether standing solo in the spotlight or harmoniously uniting with a troupe of music machines, Circuit Tracks stands tall as the ultimate versatile team player. Sporting full-size MIDI in, out, and thru ports, in addition to analog sync out, it effortlessly harmonizes with your current gear setup. Empowered by two MIDI sequencer tracks, you wield total command over external equipment, from directing drum machines to shaping effects units. Unleash the potential of audio inputs, seamlessly fusing your sonic elements within the Circuit Tracks realm.

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