Circuit Tracks: Unleash Your Creativity

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Step into the captivating realm of music production with Circuit Tracks – your definitive hands-on groovebox experience. Seamlessly combining two polyphonic synth tracks, two versatile MIDI tracks, and four dynamic sample-based drum tracks, this all-in-one powerhouse becomes your creative playground. Whether you're maintaining your groove using the celebrated step sequencer or embarking on sonic adventures with microtiming precision, pattern probability adjustments, and the revolutionary pattern mutate feature, Circuit Tracks empowers your every musical move.


  1. Comprehensive Groovebox: Lose yourself in the immersive world of music creation with Circuit Tracks, the ultimate all-in-one groovebox. It features two polyphonic synth tracks, two versatile MIDI tracks, and four dynamic sample-based drum tracks, providing you with a complete sonic canvas.

  2. Intuitive Workflow: Say goodbye to complexity and hello to instinctive creativity. Circuit Tracks' workflow is designed for hands-on production, allowing you to create without hesitation. Navigate seamlessly through the process, without being weighed down by intricate menus or complicated interfaces.

  3. Innovative Sequencing: The heart of Circuit Tracks lies in its acclaimed step sequencer. Craft intricate 32-step patterns that can be chained together, giving you up to 256 steps per track. This empowers you to craft evolving and mesmerizing compositions that captivate your audience.

  4. Sonic Exploration: Elevate your musical palette with two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks. Alternatively, bring your unique sound to life by loading and shaping your own samples. Circuit Tracks opens the door to sonic experimentation, ensuring your tracks are truly one-of-a-kind.

  5. FX Mastery: Transform your sounds with a range of onboard effects. Immerse your tracks in lush reverb, add depth with captivating delay, sculpt dynamics with sidechain processing, and give your mix that finishing touch with the master compressor. Your creations will have the professional polish they deserve.

  6. Portable Creativity: Circuit Tracks doesn't tie you down. With up to four hours of battery life, you can take your musical ideas with you wherever inspiration strikes. Whether you're in the studio, on the road, or performing on stage, Circuit Tracks ensures your creativity remains unrestricted.

Product Specifications:

  • Synth Tracks: 2 polyphonic digital synth tracks for rich melodies and harmonies.
  • MIDI Tracks: 2 dedicated MIDI tracks, sending both notes and CC automation for full control.
  • Drum Tracks: 4 sample-based drum tracks for rhythmic depth and diversity.
  • Sequencer: Unleash your musical vision with a 32-step pattern sequencer that can be chained for up to 256 steps per track.
  • FX: Shape your sound with built-in reverb, delay, sidechain, and a master compressor.
  • Battery Life: Enjoy up to 4 hours of creative freedom with the built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Construction: The rugged yet compact design ensures durability and easy portability.
  • Connectivity: Connect to your gear with MIDI in/out, USB, 1/4" outputs, and a 3.5mm headphone output.
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  • Weight: [Weight]

Circuit Tracks is your key to unlocking unparalleled creativity. From crafting intricate synth parts to sculpting drum sequences, from immersive effects to portable production, it's the ultimate companion on your musical journey. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned pro, Circuit Tracks empowers you to bring your musical dreams to life.

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